All upcoming Epic Charter School field trips will be listed here. Parents and students will find all information about sign up and payment to attend field trips below.

Virtual Field Trip - Mission to the Moon Livestream October 13th 10:00-2:00

Available for Kindergarten - 2nd grade

Our virtual field trip to the moon is guaranteed to send young students into orbit. Students in kindergarten through 2nd grade are invited to learn how the moon changes shape and then explore the surface as young astronauts. A link to the YouTube live event will be sent out to registered students a week before the live stream.

This field trip is closed, but a recording of the event is available here:

Professor Egghead Science Academy - November 7th

Anaheim Community Center 250 E. Center St. Anaheim CA 92805

Great Gravity Problem - Time: 10am Grades: 2nd - 4th

This lesson is all about Gravity, Forces, learning how to acquire knowledge through the use of the scientific method! After demonstrating how gravity affects all objects in a similar manner, Eggheads will hypothesize, test, and record results of various bouncing objects. On top of that, we'll learn about multiplying forces and create our very own bouncy balls!

Ransom Note - Time: 11:15am Grades: Kindergarten - First Grade

Someone has stolen Professor Egghead's Top Secret notebook and it's up to us to find the culprit! After learning about how water likes to stick to itself, Eggheads will make their own chromatography strips in order to discover that some markers are made up of a mix of multiple colors. By using this method, we're able to test 4 different black markers in order to discover which one was used to write the Ransom Note left at the scene of the crime!

About Professor Egghead: Professor Egghead Science Academy is a world-renowned children's science academy. Named after it's founder, Professor Egghead, in 2007. PESA is the only place were children go to earn an Egghead Science Degree. Professor Egghead Science Academy offers the coolest science and engineering programs for girls and boys. Space is limited and is filled on a first come first served basis. Science has never been this cool!

30 Kids per session ($13.33+ each child)

*Note: If sessions are at capacity the cost is $13.33 per child with Learning Funds. Prices will slightly increase if we do not book up each session. Each session will hold 30 students.

UCLA Botanical Garden Tour November 16th 10:00-12:00

Available for Kindergarten - 5th grade

Garden Tour! Explore the wonderful world of plants on a guided tour through the UCLA Botanical Garden. During this visit, students will hear fascinating stories about the plants and animals that call our living museum home.

Admission is free, but space is limited to 50 Epic students. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate siblings on this adventure and only one guardian will be permitted on this trip as space is limited. Please pack a lunch for your young botanist.

We're sorry. This field trip is closed.

Medieval Times

Medieval Times - February 28, 11 A.M.

7662 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, CA 90620

An EPIC 90 minute show! Your group will be enthralled by the majestic creatures and engaging storylines specially crafted for these interactive shows. The Royal Court and knights will demonstrate the Code of Chivalry, interweaving historical takeaways throughout the 90-minute show.

An Emersive Visit. You’ll be transported to another time from the moment you pull up to our 11th-Century Castle. Before the show, explore the Hall of Arms with its elaborate décor. There are coats of arms for many prestigious families and a spectacular array of Medieval weaponry.

A Filling Feast! Dig into the feast with your hands as they would in the Middle Ages! This lunch serves as a well-rounded meal and sensory experience all in one. The four-course meal includes oven-roasted chicken, garlic bread, sweet corn cobette, herb-roasted potato and a chocolate chip cookie. There are also vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meals available.

A Captivating Tournament! The thunder of hooves will fill the arena as the show unfolds with equestrian skills and regal pageantry. Watch in awe as six knights compete in a live tournament featuring jousting, sword fighting and beautiful horses. Everyone is invited to cheer to their heart’s desire as they root for their section’s knight to be named the victor.

Educational Materials. This educational matinee is built to align with social studies and history curriculum. To help support you in the classroom, we provide digital study guides and lesson plans. Students will learn valuable lessons that truly resonate with them when they get to experience it firsthand as life in the Middle Ages unfolds before them..


Pali Institute Overnight Camp March 3 - 5 

Available for 5th grade - 12th grade

We’re excited to return to the Pali Institute this spring for a three-day adventure. Last year our students enjoyed archery, ropes courses and more! 50 Epic students in grades 5-12 are welcome to enjoy this immersive, overnight experience.

The cost is $360 per student, and students can use their learning funds to attend. Payments can be made through PayPal.

Registration closes on January 6, 2023.


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