EPIC Charter Schools is proud to offer every student the educational technology they need to be successful. It is with this mindset that we allow each student the opportunity to use their Learning Fund to procure a laptop, wireless mobile internet (mifi), and a variety of other educational assets. While the assets belong to EPIC Charter Schools, they are lent out to students each year and must be returned when the student graduates, withdraws, or for any other reason the student’s status does not reflect “enrolled” with EPIC Charter School.

Assets Policies and Procedures

The Assets department has implemented the following policies and procedures for all EPIC families:

  • All Technology (Chromebooks, iPads, mifis, etc.)
    • Shipping can take up to 1-3 calendar weeks, depending on order volume and product availability.
    • Damages to assets results in charges to the student’s Learning Fund balance. Due to the large student body that EPIC has, we must implement charges for damaged technology in order to help keep the overhead cost of these services and products at a reasonable rate for our students.
    • Items do not always ship together due to inventory supply and demand, and they may arrive at different times.
  • Wireless Hotspot (Mifi)
    • Mifi devices are usually one per family, depending on the number of enrolled students the family has. Mifis are distributed at a 3:1 ratio, meaning that for every three enrolled students in a household, one device is allowed.
      • The Learning Fund and Assets Department will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of EPIC Charter School (such as for children of the same family living in separate households).
      • A family may request a secondary mifi due to varying circumstances. These circumstances are reviewed and subject to the sole discretion of the Assets and Learning Fund Departments.
    • Mifi connectivity issues may occur. When this happens, EPIC will review if the Mifi provider is suitable for the student’s location. Secondary options are available if needed.
  • Chromebooks and iPad
    • Students must use their Learning Fund to order a Chromebook Laptop or iPad. (Students may not get both.)
      • The supply of iPads is limited, and they’ll be distributed on a first come first-served basis.

Asset/Technology Returns and Replacements

  • Reusable Assets (Laptops, iPads, Mifis, Nonconsumable Items)
    • Assets must be returned upon graduation or withdrawal.
    • If a student is enrolled for the next school year, they do not yet need to return these items to EPIC. (The items will, however, need to be renewed through the Learning Fund, which the Supervising Teacher will take care of.)
    • Damages occurring to technology assets are subject to fines being deducted from the student’s Learning Fund, and is up to the sole discretion of the Learning Fund and Assets Department.
  • Returning Reusable Assets (Laptops, iPads, Mifis, Nonconsumable Items)
    • Please fill out the returns form on our webpage or make an appointment with our office personnel to drop off items in person.
  • Exchanging Devices (Laptops or iPads) that are Broken, Damaged, or Not Working
    • Call (657-799-3290) or email EPIC Tech Support (support@epiccalifornia.org); hours 6am-5pm PST on EPIC school days
    • Depending on the situation, the steps will vary to get the replacement process and/or claim started.
  • Exchanging Mifis that are Broken, Damaged, or Not Working
    • Call or email the Assets Department (657-799-3290; assets@epiccalifornia.org) to troubleshoot the issue.
    • Once the issue is established, we will help to determine the course of action needed. This can range from switching providers to returning the defective device for a replacement.
  • Exchanging Non-Technology Assets that are Broken, Damaged, or Not Working

Technical Issues

For any technology questions, please call 657-799-3290. For any Learning Fund and Assets Department questions call 657-799-3203.

All policies and procedures are subject to change.

School Calendar

For a full overview of the calendar, please visit our Calendar page. 2024-25 School Year Calendar

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