Find the curriculum that fits your child best.

Find the curriculum that best suits your child.

The table below contains the list of Epic approved core curriculums for the 2021-2022 school year, including the grade levels each curriculum is approved for, the subject areas they serve, a brief description, and a link to the curriculum’s website. We also prepared a core curriculum fact sheet that contains relevant information for each curriculum — including links to curriculum course lists.

Please note that the information presented here is for informational purposes only and is subject to change.

Official EPIC Course List

Core Curriculum Fact Sheet

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* = A-G approved curriculum

^ = NCAA approved curriculum

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Curriculum & Websitte Link
Grade Levels
Subject Areas
AccelerateK — 8M, S, SS, ELAAccelerate Education provides online education courses for Kindergarten through 8th grade to meet the needs of all students, from at-risk students who had trouble succeeding in the traditional classroom to high achieving students seeking classes their schools cannot provide for them.https://accelerate.education/
ALEKS3 — 12MALEKS is a research-based, online learning program that offers course products for Math, Chemistry, Statistics, and more. Rooted in 20 years of research and analytics, ALEKS is a proven, online learning platform that helps educators and parents understand each student's knowledge and learning progress in depth, and provides the individual support required for every student to achieve mastery.https://www.aleks.com/
Apex^6 — 12M, S, SS, ELAStudents learn when they’re constructively challenged. Apex curriculum features the rigor and supports—through extensive scaffolding and embedded learning tools—that prepare all students to succeed and thrive.https://www.apexlearning.com/
Bright ThinkerK — 12M, S, SS, ELABright Thinker’s customizable program allows students to work at their own pace. Moreover, the classwork is catered to different learning styles, so the curriculum is always challenging, stimulating, and beneficial. Bright Thinker’s precision, mastery-based learning system is engineered to build on a student’s strengths in a modern, engaging fashion. The dynamic program uses multi-media tools, a cutting-edge curriculum, and a personalized approach.https://brightthinker.com/
Edgenuity6-12M, S, SS, ELADiscover rigorous, evidence-based solutions for any instructional model. Help students meet their personal academic goals, whether they need rigorous coursework to accelerate learning or the opportunity to recover credits. Engage students with 400+ interactive courses covering core, electives, world languages, test prep, career and technical education (CTE), and Advanced Placement®.https://www.imaginelearning.com/products/imagine-edgenuity/
Edmentum Courseware (Plato)*^6 — 12M, S, SS, ELAhttps://www.edmentum.com/products/courseware
EmbarkTKM, S, SS, ELACreated just for children ages 3-5, Embark sets them on a lifelong learning journey. Our learning model also closes education gaps to bring K-2 students and English language learners along for the ride.https://stridels.com/curriculum/stride-sprouts/
Middlebury*^9-12World Languageshttps://www.stridelearning.com/learning-solutions/programs-curriculum/k12-education/world-languages.html
Odysseyware^3 — 12M, S, SS, ELAhttps://www.odysseyware.com/
Shmoop6-12M, S, SS, ELAShmoop is an education technology solutions company that provides engaging digital classroom tools and solutions aimed at easing the stress of the learning environment. Shmoop’s four core products support grades 6-12 and include The Shmoop HeartbeatTM, Courses & Content, Test Readiness, and Intervention.https://www.shmoop.com/
StrideK-5M, S, SS, ELAStride Kids guides K-5 students through their academic journey with grade-level progression—establishing a lifelong love of learning. Our comprehensive curriculum tailors every step to an individual’s needs, so everyone learns together.https://stridels.com/curriculum/stride-kids/
StrongMind*^K — 12M, S, SS, ELAhttps://www.strongmind.com/
Studies WeeklyK — 8S, SShttps://www.studiesweekly.com/
UC Scout*^HSM, S, SS, ELAUC Scout is a University of California Student Academic Preparation and Educational Partnerships (SAPEP) program that develops and delivers A-G approved online classes and curriculum to students around the globe. UC Scout is hosted at UC Santa Cruz and is closely aligned with UCSC’s core values and principles of community. UC Scout course materials are designed to inspire lifelong curiosity and prepare pupils of all backgrounds and education levels for an increasingly technological world where training and job skills are mobile, asynchronous, and self-directed.https://www.ucscout.org/basic-and-plus/
Waterford SmartStart
(TK only)
TKM, S, ELAResearch-based, comprehensive preschool curriculum designed especially for the PreK teacher and classroom​. SmartStart’s PreK software and guides combine to teach early reading, math, science, and social studies concepts as well as executive function, creative arts, and health and physical development.https://www.waterford.org/smartstart/


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