Vendor FAQs

Q: I’m interested in being a vendor through EPIC. How do I apply?
A: You may apply by going here:
You can also go to the “Programs” tab and choose “Vendor Application” in the menu. Make sure all paperwork is completely filled out and signed.

Q: How do I know when I’m an approved vendor?
A: An email will be sent to the email address provided in your application notifying that you’re approved, or that we need additional information or paperwork. If you have any questions about filling out the application or the status of your application, please call (405-749-4550 ext. 253) or email ( the Learning Fund Department.

Q: I’m a new vendor and I’ve never sent in invoices. What are the requirements for invoices?
A: This information is found at the bottom of the application before you click on the “I agree” box. Once you become an approved vendor, we will also send an email that will contain this information along with the email address for sending the invoices. Please save the email and read through the instructions carefully. If you did not receive this email in your inbox, check your spam folder. If it appears no email was sent, please email and we can send it again.

Q: As a vendor, how long will it take to receive my payments once I’ve sent in an invoice?
A: Within 30 days of when we receive an invoice. Slight delays might occur during busier months. Please note that EPIC is only able to pay on a monthly basis, so if a vendor sends in several months of invoices at one time, no payments for future months will be processed until closer to the appropriate month.

Q: Where is my payment?
A: If a month has passed since you invoiced EPIC and you have not received payment, please email to check on the status. One thing to know is that vendors should always receive an automatic email after an invoice is sent in as confirmation. If you don’t, please use that as the first opportunity to check the status.

Q: As a vendor, how do I check if students wanting to use their learning fund are currently enrolled in EPIC Charter School?
A: While the parent(s)/guardian(s) should be able to provide you with a student ID/proof of enrollment, you may always email the Learning Fund at to double-check they are a currently enrolled student at EPIC.

Q: My billing address and/or physical address changed. How do I update this?
A: Email with the new address. If the change involves the address that was listed on your W-9, please fill out a new W-9 so that the payments are sent to the correct address. (Download a blank W-9 here: You can email the new W-9 to Please note, without an updated W-9, we are unable to change the address for where the payments are mailed.)