You’ve made the big decision to try a non-traditional form of education for your child and homeschool them. As you begin your research, you’ll see that there are many options for school choice out there. Having choices is wonderful because our children aren’t one size fits all, but having so many options can be overwhelming. So, how do you choose the “best” option for your child?

First, remember that every child and family are different and so what works for one family may not work for your family. The first thing you should do is try to discern what you and your children are looking for and what you need specifically from a program. That being said, many ‘new-to-independent-study’ have no idea what they want or need, they just know that the traditional way of schooling is not cutting it.

If you are looking for a different option than the traditional classroom approach, here are some reasons you should consider enrolling your child at Epic Charter School.

1. Personalized, Self-Paced, Independent Study

When I was a school-aged child, the only option my parents had was to send me to the school in our district. I did the same work as all the other students, on the same schedule, and the same pace. Even though I was bright, I got bored very easily, would finish my schoolwork really quickly and then have idle time to socialize and distract my friends from their work.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a personalized education that was geared toward our children’s individual needs and learning styles? With Epic Charter School’s One-on-One program, each individual student will be assessed and matched to a curriculum by a credentialed teacher. Additional supplemental coursework will also be assigned.

School can be flexible to accommodate scheduling needs and student preference. There isn’t a school bell that rings at 7:30 am, requiring your child to be in his/her seat, five days a week. Our Epic families have the flexibility to sleep in, travel, and do school in pajamas if they want!

2. Work With a Credentialed Teacher

Want to homeschool but don’t have the confidence to not “mess it up?” As an 8-year homeschooling mama and a credentialed teacher, I still don’t always feel 100% confident in what I’m doing. Now as a full-time working single mom, I am grateful for any help I can get when it comes to my child’s independent study education.

For those parents that don’t actually want to have the burden of the teaching on them, Epic’s teachers are responsible for assessing, assigning, and grading student work. In our hybrid model, students do much of their schoolwork online with project-based assignments to supplement. Our teachers work closely with each student and family to help each individual child become successful. Teachers are available during office hours and meet with the family at least once every 20 school days (sometimes more).

[To enroll your child at Epic Charter School, click here.]

3. Access to a Learning Fund and Technology

Kids are expensive. There’s no way around that. Between feeding, housing and clothing them, the cost of activities and lessons can get overwhelming. The good news is that each Epic student will have access to a learning fund that parents can direct toward curriculum, lessons, activities, and even tutoring, from our list of approved vendors. If you don’t see a vendor you want on the list, contact our office; it’s easy to add them.

In addition to a learning fund, students who need technology can request a Chromebook and/or Mifi card to use while they are enrolled with Epic.

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4. Choice of Curriculums

There are many great curriculum choices out there and when it comes to technology-based curriculum, it’s hard to know which one will work the best for your child. We have a variety of curriculums to choose from and our teachers are knowledgeable in helping you decide based on assessments and your child’s learning styles.

You can get a list of our core curricula here.

You can see a list of some of the supplemental curricula we offer here.

5. 24-Hour Homework Help

Do you have a night owl who loves to do his schoolwork in the wee hours after everyone has gone to bed? Or has it been a while since you’ve used those theorems in math class and your child is looking at you for help? Luckily, Epic students in grades 3-12, have access to an online 24-hour Homework Help with live, knowledgeable instructors at any time.

There are many more reasons you should consider enrolling your child in Epic. To learn more about Epic Charter School or if you have any questions, please call us at our main office (657) 220-1000.

To enroll your child at Epic Charter School, click here.

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